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Supplying Kit Homes to West Australians for more than 30 Years

ownerbuild-1.jpgRoss Squire Homes, a family owned and run business, have been specialising in the supply of kit homes since 1981. We are Western Australia's largest supplier of Kit homes, and our standard range of homes has been designed with owner builders in mind. Our vast experience in this field ensures that we are constantly looking at ways to improve the building techniques used for all our homes, irrespective of whether we fully build the homes, build them to lock up or provide the home in kit form for the owner builder. With over 30 years providing homes across the state and internationally, we have refined our packaging and transport systems to ensure our homes reach their destination intact and on time. Normally our homes are delivered in two stages, so the Finishing pack items can be delivered and secured into your locked up home.

ownerbuild-2.jpgWe provide a comprehensive set of plans, Builders manual, Construction DVD and set of coloured coded layouts specifically for your home with all structural members shown. We also provide the Engineers details, Energy provisions certification and all plans ready for Submission to Shire. To assist with the programming of your new home we have provided a construction Flow chart to show when to arrange trades and deliveries for a step by step construction program. We even provide you with the site sign to erect on your block.

ownerbuild-4.jpgAfter you have chosen the type of home you would like to build, we suggest you visit the Building Commission website for comprehensive information on the requirements of becoming an owner builder in Western Australia, here you will find the application forms etc..

ownerbuild-3.jpgAs we have been supplying Owner Builders for 3 decades, we have built up many contacts with various Trades people around the state who enjoy building our homes, please ask us for any trades you may need.

If further assistance is required, one of our expert staff is only a phone call away, or if one of our Site Supervisors is in the area, they will call in and give free advice.

Please feel free to speak with our Building consultants for further information
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