Kit home Construction Guide




  • Clear site and Base Cut
  • Base Inspection (if Applicable) by Structural Engineer
  • Sand pad
  • Compaction Test by Structural Engineer

  • Water available to building area
  • Power available to building area

  • Part A - under-slab spray
  • Install barriers to slab penetrations

  • Concrete footings and slab, including mesh and membrane

1st Stage (Lock Up Kit)
Delivery by Ross Squire Homes

  • Erect wall frames, trusses and eaves / verandah framing
  • Roof cover
  • Install windows and external doors
  • External cladding

  • Tube out
  • Drains

2nd Stage (Finishing Kit)
Delivery by Ross Squire Homes (If applicable)

  • Install insulation
  • Install ceiling and wall plasterboard
  • Install wall lining to wet areas
  • Advise cabinet maker / Ross Squire Homes of dimensions prior to manufacture of cabinets

  • Install kitchen cabinets
  • Install vanity cabinets (if cabinet maker type)

  • Install door frames, doors, vanities (if pre made type), reveals, skirtings (if applicable)

  • Sani/Tile set up (install laundry trough, bath and puddle flanges in showers)

  • Screed floors
  • Waterproof shower recesses, floors and walls
  • Lay floor and wall tiles, and then grout
  • Silicone shower recess, bath, above kitchen and vanity cabinets

  • Measure shower screens and mirrors

  • Plumbing finals (fitting and testing)

  • Electrical finals (fitting and testing)

  • Install shower screens and mirrors

  • Internal house clean

  • External site clean (if applicable)

  • Part B & Perimeter spray

Practical Completion

  • House complete
  • Contact Local Government Authority to Advise prior to occupancy