It’s such a stress relief to leave the city behind”

Ross Squire Homes is proudly associated with rural Western Australia and has a long history of bringing dreams to life for people seeking to escape the high pressure existence of city life.

Perth is becoming more and more congested. Traffic lights, freeways, road rage and the dreaded speed cameras are the norm. Perth’s city dwellers often travel for over an hour to get to work because of the traffic. While weekends are busy spent driving kids to sport and visiting overcrowded places or events.

With an hour’s travel time to get around the city becoming normal, why not consider building a home for your family in Toodyay, Bakers Hill, Wundowie or Chittering? Only a few years ago people were considered crazy to live an hour away from Perth but more and more families are making the change and reaping the benefits from the lifestyle change.

More and more families are seeking a life away from high pressure living and are heading for the country. There are various locations near Perth that enjoy the rural lifestyle but are located near efficient transport routes that make it simpler to commute. In some places it takes no longer to drive to work than it currently takes using city routes.

Children can attend nearby schools, be involved in local sports and experience what it means to be a part of a real community. There’s space for kids to enjoy nature play, growing food and raising animals.

We’ve been in business since 1981 and our team have years of experience with helping Perth city dwellers relocate into thriving country communities and can give you the best advice on what various locations have to offer.