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A Home by the Moore River

22 Aug. 2017

Having fallen in love with Guilderton, the Moores jumped at the opportunity to secure an elevated block with an existing house overlooking the river. An old and small asbestos home, the stand out feature is the large wooden front deck and pergola which provided the perfect environment to capture…

TV Ad - John and Alison

15 Aug. 2017

Our TV commercials are ready! If you've been watching GWN, you've probably caught a glimpse of it. Here's the first ad with John and Alison.

Avon Series - The Northam

8 Aug. 2017

With a wide frontage, weatherboard cladding and a 1.8m wide verandah to the front of the home, the Northam is ideal on acreage lots. A large 4x2 family home, and with a footprint of 198m2, the Northam has been designed with three zones – one for the children, the parents, and the central living…

Building a Dream Home for the Grays

6 Jun. 2017

An impressive custom plan, Annique and Steve Gray’s home was designed with many features to accommodate their lifestyle while maximising the beauty and nature of Bakers Hill.

Quality Homes, Exemplary Customer Service

20 Apr. 2017

The McDonald family home is one of the thousands we have built over the years, and was a custom design with features to suit their lifestyle and requirements.

Adrenaline Rush in Northam

1 Aug. 2016

Northam offers an exhilarating escape from Perth City life and Hot Air Ballooning is just one of the many activities in Northam that will get your heart racing. You can test your nerve for adventure sports in many ways like white water rafting, sky diving or even paragliding.

Work from the Country

19 May 2016

The internet has enabled city dwellers to work from home, but now with the NBN rollout providing faster service to rural areas, working from home is a viable option for country dwellers too.

Tree Change to Denmark

2 May 2016

Denmark is a nature lover’s dream and has so much to offer Perth residents looking for the ultimate tree change.

Easy Perth Commute

5 Apr. 2016

Easy Perth Commute for Country Living

Building in Wundowie

24 Mar. 2016

Build a Ross Squire Home in Wundowie at Maurovillo Estate

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