Why renovate

“Why renovate when you can build a new home yourself?”


The renovating craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So many home buyers are looking at renovation as the key to personalising a house. To make their mark and put their own stamp on a home for their family.

There are so many TV shows dedicated to renovating and they all seem to glamorise the process.

But if you add a little ‘reality’ to ‘reality TV’ you get the bigger picture.

The risks involved with taking on renovation challenges in real life are high.

When you analyse the time, cost and emotion involved in renovating, you can appreciate the actual sweat and tears may not be all that glamorous and may not achieve the outcomes you imagined.

Then once you think you’ve finished renovating – work keeps going with the maintenance an older house requires.

After all the money, effort and energy going into renovating, you could have built your own home!

So why not build your own home instead?

We will help you.

With Ross Squire Homes you can build one of our kit homes yourself.

The Ross Squire range of homes are functional, easy to customize and easy to erect.

We have been helping the owner builder to build their dream home for over 30 years.

Ross Squire Homes can even tailor your home’s construction to the degree that you want to be involved. So we can start the build and then you can take over at a point where you are confident.

You will have the satisfaction of having built your home yourself and the pleasure of living in a brand new home designed the way you want it. Take a look at our designs.

Visit our display homes and talk to our friendly consultants who have actually built Ross Squire Homes themselves. They are happy to share their knowledge and can answer all your questions.

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