Spring is here! With the warmer weather, it’s the perfect time to get started on routine maintenance in and around your home.

Winter appliance check: Spring is a good time to check and maintain winter appliances, such as heaters and fireplaces, and ready for next winter!

Air conditioning: Have your air conditioning units checked and maintained. Keeping it running in optimal condition will keep you more comfortable and potentially lower electricity bills.

Lawn: On top of regular lawn mowing, spring is the perfect time for adding the right fertiliser for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Weeds: Spray for weeds and make sure they are cleared from the base of the house.

Pruning: Prune trees and plants. Cut back any which have grown too close to the roof and walls of the house.

Mulching: Top up garden beds with 50-100mm of mulch. A thick bed of mulch will help with water retention as we head into warmer months.

Sprinklers: Now is the ideal time to make sure your sprinklers are running in optimal condition to minimise water wastage and ensure your lawn and garden are adequately watered over the hotter months. Check your retic controller and ensure you are only watering on your watering days.

Moss and lichen: Winter build-up of moss and lichen in your outdoor areas? “Soften” them up with the right removal spray before you scrub or water blast them away! Reseal surfaces if needed.

Roof and guttering: Make sure your roof and gutters are clear and not damaged from winter storms. Clearing the gutters also minimises fire hazards.

Insects: Get ready for summer BBQs and debug your patio/pergolas.

Pools: Do you have a pool? Check to ensure all latches on pools and spas are in working order, and pool chemicals kept away from children. Now is a great time to take a water sample into your pool shop and have them test it for you.

Wooden fences: If you have wooden fences, check for any damage or termite activity. Conduct repairs or arrange for a termite inspection if necessary. Check your sticker in your meter box for the type of termite barrier you have, and when it was last inspected.

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