Customers Comment on the Design Stage


Not only is the Design Stage an exciting time when building a home, it also determines how your home looks, feels and works for you and your needs. Ross Squire Homes welcomes additions and modifications to make your dream home uniquely yours. View our home designs here.

Ken: Any idea that we came up with, Ross Squire (Homes) was able to include that idea – we were never rebuffed or anything really, because it was just very straight forward.
Alison: They met our needs, and our individual needs, and we found that really, really useful when we designed our house.
Don: We went through the stages after he actually positioned the building on our block, and naturally enough, sent us a picture of what it would have looked like on the block, and everything like that. Everything was in harmony right from the word go.
Alison: They could make it how you wanted it to be and it was easy for them to do it.

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