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Structural Integrity in Changing Soil Condition

The steel framed home retains its structural integrity in all kinds of environments and conditions.

Dramatic change in climate conditions is something we are well accustomed to living in Australia. From floods to droughts, stormy skies to blistering heat and sandy soils to clay beds.

Perhaps we aren't so familiar with how our homes respond to these changes.

The most significant change in conditions that regularly affect the structural integrity of your home is soil movement. It is important to note that all soils move. The movement occurs when it rains and the soil swells then it contracts again in the summer heat.

A house built of heavy construction such as double brick or rammed earth is susceptible to damage with the movement in the soil. A house like this can show signs of movement which compromises the structural integrity of the home.

Movement can lead to major cracking of the cornices, ceilings and walls. At worst, excessive soil movement can lead to major irreparable damage.

Advantage of a Steel Frame House

The advantage of a steel frame house is that it moves with the soil. The steel framed home is in balance with the environment and compatible with a wider range of Australian conditions.

Our steel framed homes are cost effective with many flexible design solutions which cater for varying soil conditions and also challenging sites in the Perth Hills.

Ross Squire Homes gives you the benefit of our experience in building the best home for conditions in Western Australia.

Give our friendly approachable staff a call today and we will help you achieve your dream of building your own country home.


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