Wayne Beal, one of our sales consultants, built a custom designed Ross Squire home. Full of rustic country charm, this home is nestled in Kelmscott, and takes in some pretty sights.

Wayne has been with the company since leaving school in 1985. He started out his career diligently sweeping the factory floors, driving forklifts and making wall frames, then working his way up to assisting on site with building our homes.

Wayne knows our company and our processes inside out.

In 1990 Wayne found his talent in our company was talking face to face with our customers and helping them through the process of purchase, design and construction.

Wayne provides expert advice based on hands on building experience. He has built Ross Squire Kit Homes from scratch himself in Roleystone, Preston Beach and built his current family home in Kelmscott.

Wayne is a dedicated family man, soccer coach and enjoys playing soccer with his team the Kelmscott Roos. He’s also an avid hobby farmer on his block in Kelmscott and is great with advice on chooks and veggie patches.