We hear a lot about home energy ratings – but what exactly does it mean and how does it affect your new home?

Just like household appliance star rating systems, houses with low star ratings are considered less energy efficient and those with a higher star rating more energy efficient.

Homes with high star ratings have less need for artificial heating or cooling, making it more environmentally friendly and more economical in overall running costs.

All new homes need to meet building regulatory requirements – one of which is meeting a 6 star rating.

6 star rated homes are:

More comfortable –Warmer in winter and cooler in summer
More energy efficient – Requires less artificial heating and cooling
Lower in household costs – Save on energy bills with less artificial heating and cooling.
Better for the environment – Due to less artificial heating and cooling
Achieving a 6 star rating is a combination of many design elements factored together for the relevant climate zone. Some key elements include:

House orientation (Living areas to have a northerly aspect)
Roof and wall insulation (Proper insulation retains heat in winter and keeps the summer heat out)
Size, shape and placement of windows (E.g. large windows allow more heat transfer)
Colour of outside walls and roof (light colours reflect heat and keeps the house cooler in hotter months)
Shading aspects (e.g. fixed shading, such as verandah, carport and alfresco to east and west, with only an eave to the north)
Over the years our staff have gained extensive experience and can help you identify a block with an orientation that best suits your preferred home design and optimise its energy rating. If you have already secured a block, we can assist you with choosing or adjusting a design to suits your block’s orientation and climate zone.

It is easier and more cost effective to increase a home’s energy rating at the design stage. Ross Squire Homes are fortunate to have an in-house accredited House Energy Rating Scheme (HERS) assessor. This allows for quicker energy rating assessments, and timely recommendations to achieve the most optimal energy rating for your new home.